About Us

Aceone Group of Companies is a highly Eminent Company in Nepal which was established in 2018 (2075 B.S) Private Company Act of Nepal with the various complementary skills and progressive youth for working together towards a common vision. As our slogan “Working Together” We believe, teamwork generates performance greater than the sum of performance of its individual’s mates.

Aceone Group is a progressive company with an avid and creative thinking serving for the growth opportunities everyday with the collective knowledger and experiences. The gusto and gumption of youths should find an appropriate direction to boost the society towards the course of undergoing a fundamental change. The Company is seeking to put the youths in “driving seat” to drive the nation with better and effective utilization of available resource along with the latest mode of technology and everlasting passion. We have been focused a basic quality-life for present to future, socially to naturally, economically to morally traditionally to innovatively.

Aceone Group will remain to transform and spring up our presence globally. We will arrange the changing necessity of our people, customers and society through intelligent, integrated development that is true to our values and builds on our trustworthy reputation. A company has classified, as a construction company, as a Real Estate company, as a company known for trading, working with many other joint venture National or International companies and making bridge for Foreign Investment. The company has been providing excellent services since its establishment.


  • Excellence in service – meeting and exceeding client expectations.
  • Quality workmanship, product and service innovation.
  • Enlarging the scope of the company through additional sectors and industries.
  • Enhancing the value we deliver to our customers.
  • Advancing the economic as well as industrial prospects of the nation.
  • Become the most admired company in Nepal.


To provide excellence value to clients, shareholders and staff, through a business model that continually innovates and determine socially to naturally, economically to morally ,traditionally to innovatively.

Companies under Aceone Group: