Aceone Builders Pvt. Ltd.

Aceone Builders and Suppliers (ABS), a trusted name in construction sector of Nepal. It was founded in 2019 and its sister company, Aceone Group of companies We believe that construction of meaningful and sustainable infrastructures underpins better future. Our company culture and values always guide our endeavors towards enhancing value based sustainable construction practices.

It has been established with the aim of providing construction works services in the field of roads, highways, bridges, drainage, irrigation, water supply, river training, hydropower, electrical transmission and distribution lines, tunnels, building and industrial complex. In short, Aceone Builders is able to offer completely comprehensive construction services which covers the civil engineering works together with electrical and hydropower. It is well aware of the variety of construction works required by different Departments and Agencies in Nepal. Sometimes it also works as a lead partner and sometimes as Partner in a joint venture.

Our Services:

  1. Housing & Urban Development
  2. Roads & Bridges
  3. Water Resource Management
  4. Structural Retrofitting
  5. Design-Built Solution

Our Projects:

Central College Building (Chitwan)

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Mr. Baburam Dhakal

Project Code Ace112 Client Name Mr. Baburam Dhakal Project Location Trichowk, Bharatpur, Chitwan Duration 8 Months Budget NRS 80,00,000 Status Running

Mr. Nabin Bhandari

Project Code Ace111 Project Name Mr. Nabin Bhandari Project Location Yegyapuri, Bharatpur Duration 12 Months Budget NRS 1,15,00,000 Status Running

Mr. Tirtha Adhikari

Project Code Ace110 Project Name Mr. Tirtha Adhikari Project Location Bharatpur-02, Kshetrapur Duration 12 Months Budget NRS 2,30,00,000 Status Running

Muktinath Hotel and Lodge

Project Code Ace109 Project Name Muktinath Hotel Project Location Buddha Chowk, Chitwan Duration 12 Months Budget NRS 2,20,00,000 Status Completed

Laxmi Narayan Temple

Project Code Ace108 Project Name Laxmi Narayan Temple (Upper Two Floor) Project Location Bharatpur-02, Kshetrapur Duration 18 Months Budget NRS 2,50,00,000 Status…

Mr. Krishna Sapkota

Project Code Ace107 Client Name Mr. Krishna Sapkota Project Location Bedichowk, Bharatpur, Chitwan Duration 12 Months Budget NRS 1,60,00,000 Status Running

Mr. Jivan Sharma

Project Code Ace104 Client Name Mr.Jivan Sharma Project Location Bharatpur-11, Bhojad, Chitwan Duration 9 Months Budget NRS 95,00,000 Status Running

Mr. Hari Acharya

This is RCC structure residential project of Aceone Builder situated in Bharatpur-14, Gitanagar.

Gyandarshan Boarding School

Project Code Ace102 Project Name Gyandarshan Boarding School Project Location Bharatpur-11 Duration 6 Months Budget NRS 1,000,.000 Status Completed